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Phoenix Temple Master Plan
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Phoenix Temple Master Plan
Project Update January, 2017
We are happy to report we have very good news to share. Mother Center has given final approval for our project! Since receiving the good news in mid-December, we have been busy making preparations to move forward with the project. Our schedule is to begin construction on Monday morning, January 9.
We have secured permits, finalized our agreement with Concord General Contracting, Inc., and we have been busy organizing the Site Blessing Ceremony to be held immediately following the service on Sunday, January 8.
Thank you for everything you have done. Mother Center's approval could not have been possible without your prayers and support. Please join us on January 8 for the Site Blessing Ceremony and keep us in your prayers for a safe and successful completion of construction.
Thank you for your support.
Bro. Balananda

Construction Cam
We are pleased to present to you a window into the construction in progress. Construction slide show will be updated every few days.
Please check back often, and see the new building spring to life.
Dear Friends
For the past few decades, much thought and research has gone into current and future needs at the Phoenix Temple so that we can continue to provide spiritual support to Paramahansaji's ever-expanding family. This has come together in the past few years in the form of a long-term Master Plan for the Phoenix Temple. The information below is intended to help you understand the plan to meet current and future needs at the Phoenix Temple. Please take a few minutes to review the information on this web page and consider making a pledge. A pledge form is available online here.
We have raised over $2,440,000 from our generous members towards the goal of $2.5 million that it will take to complete Phase 1 project, which will include a new fellowship hall, new kitchen, new bookroom, new library, and a new second floor Sunday school, in addition to new bathrooms and more storage space.
Donations received in response to this appeal will be deposited into our Building Fund; we hope to start construction in the Fall of 2015 when the final architectural drawings and permitting will be complete.
Our Growing Needs
The main chapel of the temple has a capacity of 260 seats. There is one public service on Sunday morning at 10:00 am. A Sunday School is available during the Sunday morning service. The other weekly public service is held on Thursday evening at 8:00 pm. Meditation services are held on Friday and Sunday nights, and Sunday mornings. Other classes and meditations are held throughout the week. There are a variety of meetings and special events held throughout the year.
Fellowship / Social Hall
The Phoenix Temple is one of the few temples with no Special Events Room/Fellowship Hall. This requires that meetings (e.g. quarterly General Temple Meetings) and certain socials (e.g. four Fellowship Nights each year, Paramahansaji's Birthday celebration, etc.) be held in the chapel. The temple is a sacred space and should ideally be reserved for worship and meditation only. A fellowship hall is the greatest priority for the temple - a place outside the temple where meetings, fellowship, food and socials can be held.
Book Room and Gift Shop
It is SRF policy that bookrooms/gift shops have some degree of separation from an SRF chapel. The principle behind this is to respect the sacredness of the chapel and separate "business" from the immediate chapel vicinity. An additional benefit to moving the bookroom is that the chapel would absorb the bookroom space, providing 40 additional seats. Based on current growth patterns, this would provide for approximately 7-10 years of growth at the temple.
Sunday School
Phoenix Temple offers a Sunday School program for boys and girls divided into four age groups: 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12, and 13-18.
The average attendance for each Sunday is 30 children with a maximum of 50 on a busy Sunday. Our current facilities feel very cramped when larger numbers of children show up.
The Phoenix Temple also offers monthly meetings for temple young adults, 18-39 years of age.
The greatest need for our Sunday school program is to have all classes in a centralized building for the safety and security of our children, and convenience for parents. It is also a goal that the children have an enclosed outdoor area for recreation activities and outdoor classes.
The Self-Realization Fellowship Phoenix Temple is an oasis in the desert for many truth seeking souls. Thanks to the vision of our Guru and the efforts of the devotees before us, we are enjoying the benefits from their foresight and sacrifice. The purpose of the expansion of the Phoenix Temple is to not only meet the needs of the devotees today, but provide for the devotees of tomorrow. Guruji's prayers for a divine center have been answered and through continued watering of devotion and divine seeking, the "hive" will continue to flourish and grow.
Donate to the Plan Online
We still have some distance to go in achieving our financial goal, which will help to serve our needs for many years to come. Our goal is to fund the new facility as well as make improvements to our existing Phoenix Temple building. We are pleased to announce that donations are now being accepted online. There are three ways to make a tax-deductible donation to our Phoenix Temple Expansion Plan fund at Mother Center. Please follow the link below for details.
Donation page 
Where We Stand
Thanks to the generous help of many devotees, we have already made great strides toward our fundraising goal. Much more is needed to insure we realize the fulfillment of this opportunity. Click here for Master Plan details.
Fundraising Goal

Thank You
Please keep our architectural committee in your prayers as we undertake this exciting new project. We have every confidence that Gurudeva will show you what gift is possible. Returning a portion of what God has given us is a perfect expression of stewardship. Please be assured that whatever gift you make, regardless of size, will be deeply appreciated. Also know that if for whatever reasons, you are unable to make a gift at this time, your prayers for the success of this project are deeply valued.

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