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About the Young Adults Group
The SRF Phoenix Young Adults Group are disciples and friends ages 18-39, who encourage the understanding of Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization fellowship teachings. Our mission is to create opportunities for SRF Young Adults to connect and support each other as we roll out activities to strengthen spiritual habits and high moral values, increase social networks, promote healthy living, and provide support through the guidance of monastics and lay mentors. Our special activities include regular spiritual gatherings, satsanga, meditation, fellowship, service, retreats and special events.
Young Adults Activities
In addition to the activities listed here, there are outings and other fellowship events for young adults in addition to those sponsored by the SRF Phoenix Temple.
Young Adults Meetings
Our Young Adults Group meets once a month on Sunday after the temple service, from 11:20 A.M. until noon in the Little Chapel.

For up to date information on the Young Adult Group activities at the Phoenix Temple, please join our mailing list and fill in your profile.
2018 Young Adults Calendar of Events
January 14 Young Adults Meeting
February 11 Young Adults Meeting
March No Meeting
April 22 Young Adults Meeting
May 20 Young Adults Meeting
June No Meeting
July No Meeting
August 19 Young Adults Meeting
September No Meeting
October 21 Young Adults Meeting
November 4 Young Adults Meeting
December No Meeting

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